Kanban Board - Visualize Your Projects

Create an online Kanban board in VivifyScrum and visualize the flow of your projects. Help your team make the most of their Kanban process.

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VivifyScrum provides the tools - You do the rest

Everyone knows a Kanban board is only as good as you make it. VivifyScrum provides you with all the features you need to create the best one possible. These are just some of them.

Visualization of the Workflow

VivifyScrum’s Kanban Boards provide you with a visual representation of your team’s work process. See how your work items move across the board, where the bottlenecks are and how your team can improve its process.


It is all about becoming better!

Fully Customizable

Customize your Kanban Board to best represent your team’s work process. Add and define columns you need and define WIP limits. Tinker with your Kanban cards to refine task descriptions. Add labels for different types of work.


Make your Kanban Board truly yours!

Kanban Stats

VivifyScrum provides you with all the crucial individual and team-level stats to find out how your team is progressing and whether it is time to tweak your Kanban process some more. Inspection and adaptation at its best.


Stay on top of your data!


Worklogs and Time Tracker

Make sure that your team isn’t constantly pushing itself to breaking point by checking their Worklogs from time to time. Show your clients just how much work happens “behind the curtains”. Simply fire up the Time Tracker and Worklogs will generate automatically.


Make sure your team is appreciated!

Personal Kanban Board

More and more people are using personal Kanban to make sure they get stuff done, both at work and in their private lives. If you’re one of them, VivifyScrum is the perfect solution for you - simple to use but fully customizable for a truly personalized solution.


Reach your goals faster!

Who will love it?

Kanban works for all kinds of teams and projects. Here are a few Kanban board examples, just to illustrate.

HR Recruitment Kanban Board Example

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Software Development Kanban Board Example

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Content Marketing Kanban Board Example

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